School Based Clinician - 2019- Aimee provided Supervision towards my LMSW and LCSW for 2.5 years.  She was knowledgeable and thoughtful in her supervision and able to provide me with her years of experience in school work with kids and families.  She also was able to help me be thoughtful about boundaries, meeting preparation, working with difficult situations and prepare for the exams with practice links.  Great experience.  

School Social Worker - 2017- Throughout our supervision sessions, Aimee consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to my professional growth and development. She created a supportive and nurturing environment where I felt comfortable discussing challenging cases, seeking guidance, and exploring opportunities for improvement. Aimee's extensive knowledge and experience in the field of social work were evident as she provided invaluable insights, practical advice, and evidence-based strategies to enhance my practice. Her constructive feedback and encouragement helped me build confidence in my abilities and pushed me to strive for excellence in my work 

School Based Clinician - 2016 - Aimee provided my supervision in order for me to obtain my LCSW. Aimee was extremely professional, thoughtful and educated on the process and different elements of becoming a licensed clinical social worker. Aimee has incredible knowledge in many different aspects of counseling, I often used her to troubleshoot different situations I was working through in practice. Even on the day of my license exam, Aimee was available for a much needed pep talk as I walked into the testing center. She was one of my greatest cheerleaders and supporters.