Counseling and Consultation         Supports and Services

Individual Counseling Session - One on One counseling session lasting 45 minutes. 

Offers a time to practice new skills, process thoughts, feelings and plan for upcoming new experiences.  Also, a time to reflect on goals set previously or during intake session and possibly set new goals.  

Children as young as three or four can independently utilize counseling sessions with a focus on self regulation, problem solving and more.  School age children are able to utilize counseling session for developing social skills, improved self regulation, problem solving and more.  Have questions about how children can benefit from individual counseling? Please ask. 

Family Counseling Session - Opportunity for parent(s)/caregiver(s) to join the counseling session with their child, learn about and be part of the skill practice their child may be learning, share and listen together with their child.  Session lasts 50 minutes.  

Required on a regular basis for any child age eleven years old and under.  Frequency of "regular" basis will be discussed at intake session and counseling plan is developed together with the family.  

Initial Intake Session - Most often completed in one 90 minute session.  Occasionally may require one additional session of 45 minutes.   Initial Intake is adult only, no child client attends this session. 

Completion of initial Client Information Packet is required.  I thank families ahead of time for taking the time to complete the lengthy packet.  In the end it helps the family and I make the most of the intake session time and to develop the best counseling plan for client/child.  Intake allows me to decide if we are a good fit, and allows family/caregiver to decide if we are a good fit as well.  Completing this  Client Information Packet provides confidential information that helps me determine how I can best support the needs of the client/child and family.  

Group Counseling - When two or more clients share similar counseling goals and parents/caregivers consent, group counseling may be proposed as a short term opportunity.  Group Counseling offers an opportunity for clients/children to relate to another person, share experiences, practice skills in real time, receive feedback and more.   Session lasts 50 minutes.  

LCSW Supervision - I have a commitment to continuing to support developing social workers to the field.   I have more than 25 years experience in social work across diverse fields including school, hospital , mental health and criminal justice settings.  I have provided LCSW supervision to more than one dozen developing social workers and can provide testimony and references.   Please be in touch to arrange for your first supervision session.  I will maintain notes in order to ensure you meet the hours necessary to complete your supervision hours in as timely a manner as possible and work with you in preparation for the State of Connection LCSW exam.   Session lasts 60 minutes.   

**At this time, I am not able to support any children who receive medical treatment through the Endocrinology/Diabetes Department at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.