Questions about Insurance and Payment for Services

In order to support access to mental health support and services, I work with a number of insurance companies. They are listed below. It is the client's responsibility to fully understand the behavioral health/mental health benefits of their insurance policy entering in counseling care.

Payment is due at the time of each session. I work with a practice management company, Practice Management Solutions, LLC (PMC,LLC) to ensure business practices are confidential and accurate. A BAA (Business Associate Agreement) is in place with PMS, LLC. Check is also accepted with a returned check fee of $35.

I also accept clients with private payment condition who may carry an insurance other than those noted or who may not have insurance coverage. I can provide invoice of services if client's wish to submit for out of network coverage. I will also provide a written GFE (Good Faith Estimate) to those without or not submitting to insurance in order make informed decision. Though it is very important to understand that unlike physical medical care where one service has a more clear cost amount, counseling may not have a clear number of sessions. Each session will have a clear cost amount and I can make an informed estimate of the number session needed to begin effective counseling.

Questions to ask your Insurance

Questions to ask your insurance carrier about Behavioral Health Coverage

*Do I have mental health/behavioral health insurance benefits? Yes No

​*If so, is it covered by the same insurance company as my medical insurance? Yes No

​*What is my deductible? and has it been met? $_________________ Yes No

*How many sessions per year are covered under my benefit? __________per year

​*What is the coverage amount per therapy session? $__________/session

*Do I have a co-pay for each session following my deductible? Yes No $_________