Aimee Zagaja, LCSW, PLLC   

Counseling and Consultation, Registered Play Therapist

My Work and My Why...

I look forward to supporting clients and working towards an increased sense of competence and self control, improving coping skills and building emotional vocabulary among other counseling goals set together with client and family.    Particular areas I support well include anxiety, grief, adjustment issues, social skill development, executive function development and others.   I enjoy supporting individuals through their new or chronic medical or behavioral health diagnosis as well as working with children who have experienced loss through separation or death.  I engage Adlerian Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other modalities and techniques based on the individual client needs.

I enjoy connecting with young children and their families, working with them through difficult periods of adjustment in life. I enjoy helping them to maintain, rebuild and find joy in connection.  Helping build emotional vocabulary and identify strengths in present relationships and skills to build new ones is critical in solidifying their readiness for launching into future phases of development.   

Engaging parents/caregivers in counseling sessions to review growth and progress as well as developmental expectations is an important component of my counseling practice.   Working with children  who experience heightened anxiety and dysregulation is an area of expertise for me.  Supporting children and their families during challenging experiences; from the road of  developmental struggle and dependence towards autonomy and mastery has allowed me to share time with families when they can celebrate growth.  Even when progress is measured in the smallest of ways, working together with families closely we are able to honor growth in the client and family system.  Arriving at this place with a client, young or old, is the reason I do this work.   

After working in the field for more than 25 years, I have gained experience in a number of domains with many client populations.   I look forward to engaging with children ages four to eleven years old. Those children aged two to three years old along with their caregivers are also ideal clients as they may also enhance attachment and relationships and improve communication and problem solving.   

​Supporting new social workers entering the field through supervision towards their LCSW requirements is a service I provide.  I have experience providing supervision and look forwarding to supporting the growing field of social work.

**At this time, I am unavailable to support children who are treated medically through the Endocrinology/Diabetes Department at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.